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Minnesota Forest Industries offers a number of publications and teaching aids that explain the role of the forest products industry in Minnesota. The materials cover economic, social, technological and environmental aspects of the state’s forest products industry and can be a valuable classroom resource for elementary, junior high and senior high school teachers. To order literature or kits, please check the items you’d like to receive and complete the form below. We’ll send an invoice along with your order. Shipping is free in the U.S.


Trees of Minnesota

Twenty-two tree species found in Minnesota are identified on the front of this laminated, color poster, while the back contains additional information their unique properties, full size, age at maturity, where they're found in the state and other facts. 20"x28"


The Papermaking Kit

This is a newly updated, innovative, hands-on classroom project that involves students in the art of making paper. Each kit contains all the materials needed for a classroom of approximately 30 students. This kit is now also tied to the Minnesota academic standards.

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{The first kit is $3.00 and subsequent kits are $8.00. Outside of MN, all kits are $8.00}

Minnesota's Forest Management Guidelines - Quick Reference Field Guide

Published by the Minnesota Forest Resources Council, this field guide serves as a quick reference of Minnesota's Forest Management Guidelines for timber harvesting. These guidelines are for landowners, loggers and resources managers who share responsibility to make informed decisions about forest use and sustainability. This guide is teaching material for middle school and above.

{Free, Limit 1 per class}

Early Loggers in Minnesota Book by J.C. Ryan

Enjoy firsthand recollections by storyteller "Buzz" Ryan of the loggers, loaders, swampers, wood butchers and bull cooks who ruled the woods in the heyday of the pioneer lumberjacks - With dozens of historical photos in each volume.


Early Loggers in Minnesota Volume II


Early Loggers in Minnesota Volume III


Early Loggers in Minnesota Volume IV


Minnesota Forest Facts Packet

Learn all about Minnesota's forests and forest products industry from this compendium of information.  The packet includes brochures on a variety of topics, from jobs in our industry, to climate change, to managing forests for multiple uses, and much more!



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