20 million

The number of seedlings planted each year in Minnesota.


The amount of forestland harvested in Minnesota each year.


Minnesota grows more than 3 times as much wood as is harvested.


You’re bombarded by numbers all the time, and often they’re troubling. But not in Minnesota’s great outdoors, where the Land of 10,000 Lakes is also the Land of 2.2 Billion Trees in our forests! And thanks to our state’s tradition of effective forest management, you’ll be enjoying healthy, plentiful forests for generations to come.  You can count on it.


8.4 million

Acres of Minnesota forestland (including all forestland managed by the Department of Natural Resources) that are certified as sustainable by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, the Forest Stewardship Council or both. These two international organizations work independently to promote responsible forest management.


The number of Minnesotans employed in the forest products industry. 

$8.2 billion

The forest products industry’s economic impact throughout Minnesota.   


More than 5,000 products are made from trees, including medicine, chewing gum and even football helmets!


The number of Minnesota cities with businesses from which the forest products industry purchases goods and services.


Get out into the forest yourself, and take along on your smart phone to help identify all the trees you see!